Development Opportunities

Our practice has experience in providing development advice and services to both landowners and developers.

In summary, our services include:

  • Site appraisals to assess development potential / site constraints
  • Development appraisals to assess the viability and feasibility of a specific development proposal
  • Financial Viability Statements for planning application submission

We provide initial site appraisals, advising on the development opportunities and the site constraints taking into account planning policy considerations, planning obligations and other potential barriers to development. We recommend the appropriate strategies and planning actions for realising development potential and securing planning permission, taking into account existing use values, the potential to develop the site for alternative uses and our clients’ commercial considerations.

At Authorised Designs we can provide development appraisals, advising on the prospects of obtaining planning permission for a specific proposal. We can also prepare feasibility / viability reports to assess the viability and value of a specific proposal and to identify opportunities to maximise the development potential.

In addition, we can provide Financial Viability Statements, using development toolkits for planning application submissions. Financial Viability Statements will provide a detailed analysis of the costs and values of a development and will involve a sequential test of alternative, comparable developments on the same site.