Permitted Development

The majority of new buildings and major changes to existing buildings will require planning permission. However, permitted development rights enable various works to be carried out to residential and commercial properties without needing an application for planning permission.

In some instances a building or site can be more extensively developed under permitted development than would otherwise be achieved by way of a planning application. Authorised Designs have extensive knowledge of the permitted development regimes covering residential dwellings, commercial sites and agricultural holdings and can ascertain what works will require planning permission and the extent to which a building and site can be developed to its maximum potential.

Our practice can provide the necessary plans and supporting reports and will prepare applications for Lawful Development Certificates. A Lawful Development Certificate represents the formal decision of the Local Authority in respect of whether proposed operations or uses require planning permission and / or whether existing uses or operations are immune from enforcement action.

Permitted development works include:

  • Single and two storey rear extensions
  • Single storey side extensions
  • Domestic outbuildings
  • Roof extensions and loft conversions
  • Extensions to offices and industrial buildings
  • New offices and industrial buildings
  • New agricultural buildings
  • Renewable energy proposals